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Mailing Information:

Data Label, Inc.
Attention:  Credit Department
1000 Spruce Street
Terre Haute, Indiana 47807

Be Sure To Enclose A Copy Of Your Resale Certificate.

Fax Information:

FAX Number for Customer Service:
800 367-5103

Keep This Number Handy.  This is also where you Fax Orders!

Be Sure To Fax A Copy Of Your Resale Certificate.

Please Submit A Copy Of Your Resale Certificate When You Send This Application.

Credit Application
Applications For Credit Will Not Be Accepted From End Users.  Data Label Sells For Resale Only.  No Direct Sales.
Company Name:
Name of Owner or Contact:
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EMAIL Address:
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 Zip or Zip+4:
Phone Number:
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How did you learn about Data Label?:
Number of sales people:
Years in business:
To Establish An Open Credit Account, We Must (By Law), Have A Copy Of  Your Resale Certificate On File.  Please Submit A Copy By FAX When You Send This Application.  Our Fax No. is: 800 367-5103.
List three MANUFACTURERS you currently do business with:
City, State:
Phone No.:
Fax No.:
City, State:
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Your Message
Our company terms are deduct a 1% discount if paid within 10 days, net due 30 days of our invoice date.  If you have security concerns about sending this information over the Web, please feel free to print this application on your printer and fax it to our attention at the fax number listed above.
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